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Do you hold yourself back and suffer from Self Doubt?
This 20 Day Programme will give you the tools to
Overcome your Obstacles and Regain Control of your Life
Your world can be  turned upside down every time things don't go the way you want or expect, resulting in a variety of insecure, desperate and self-sabotaging behaviours. 

Avoiding life's challenges may seem like an easier option, but before you know it, you have lost your confidence, and any sense of purpose. As each day merges into the same dull routines, the fear of change can become your greatest obstacle between mundane habit and happiness. The small things become big things and you feel unable to cope.

And then one day, out of the blue, you hit a brick wall. The loss of a job, a broken relationship or even a fallen tree across the road, (whether literal or figurative), just represents something else you need to get over or past, pushing your mental toughness to its limit.

On this 20 day programme you will learn how to gain the ability to face life's obstacles and challenges to build a brighter future.
I Get it, I've Been There ...

" For the first time in my life, I doubted my ability
and questioned everything I had ever achieved in life." 

 "I had handed over my identity, and become
 a possession of my employer."

When relating my tales and encounters, they range from controlling a screaming crowd of 200 angry passengers in a Spanish departure lounge, to being held in a cage on the island of Komodo as the dragons roamed freely outside ... Which was actually the least scary of the two.  

I have been told on numerous occasions, that I have gained enough life experience, skills and knowledge to write a book, which is what I would need to do to describe my career history in great detail, but in summary, I have attended 2 Universities, one to gain my degree in Applied Psychology, the other being the well known, University of Life. 

Which is the one that I always turn to when in doubt.

At the age where most people are building careers and settling down, my motto was ‘do what makes you happy,’ and for me, that wasn't an office and a mortgage. What started out as a 6 month job in Spain, lasted 6 years as I worked my way round the world, overcoming more challenges, than most people face in a lifetime. 

In the early days, when I hit that 'brick wall,' my initial response was to curl up and cry. I was a long way from home, and the loneliness and fear overpowered every emotion to think logically and rationally to find a solution, 

But quitting was never  an option.

It's funny really, as I believe that the more safe and secure your life is, the less brave and able you are to step outside of your comfort zone and face the people or situations that cause the most anxiety.

I found True Grit and Resilience when I was at my lowest, and had no other option, and the more challenges I faced, the more mentally tough I became. 

Each time my inner voice told me "give in and go home", I focused and found a way to overcome the challenges in front of me and forge a new, and ironically, even better path.

I was in Japan when it hit me, that feeling where you stop and question your purpose and realise that you need to either stick with the life you're creating, or do something before habit sets in and you wake up every morning and climb back on that hamster wheel of monotony.

It wasn't an easy decision to go home. I had no job to go to, most of my friends had moved on and had families of their own, I was going back home with nothing more than 6 years of life skills documented in an incredible photo album,  

I had no idea what my new future looked like, but what was meant to be didn't miss me! 

I  enrolled to do a degree in Applied Psychology, with Psychometric Testing, and after 3 years, I combined all my encounters and experiences and started my first 'proper job' as a Corporate Trainer.

Life couldn't have been more different, and placed yet more obstacles in front of me.

I was single and had just bought my first house, and with no one waiting for me at home, without even noticing, I was working 14 hour days and travelling the length and breadth of the UK. I was physically and mentally exhausted, I had lost all purpose and control of my life, and no matter what I did, it was never going to be enough. I had never been so unhappy.

I  handed over my identity, and became a possession of my employer.

The easy option would have been to keep my head down and battle on, thankful that I had a good job and the mortgage was secure, but I never noticed the weekends and I dreaded Monday mornings. Don't get me wrong, I gave it 4 years, but after one 16 hours day, and crying through exhaustion, I realised I had no life of my own and faced the fact that I was the only one who could change my future.  

The biggest obstacle to living a happy and fulfilled life is often self doubt, and if there is one thing I had learned, it was how to not fear the unknown, so still single, with a mortgage to pay, I handed in my notice to face my greatest challenge so far, to go it alone.

The fear of failure was my greatest motivator., 

I set up my own business to design and deliver not only what would be the most comprehensive training programmes in the market, but training methods based on the real-world and real life experiences. 

I wanted to show people how to overcome the obstacles that prevented them from moving forward, obstacles that I had faced and conquered throughout my own life.  

But success came at a price as I once again found myself working long hours away from home to fulfil the demand. 

Now married, with a family of my own, no matter where I was, I felt guilty and I knew that I had to either reduce the number of day’s in the training room, or find another way to share my programmes.

I wanted my training to target a specific audience, women who like me had lost their confidence and purpose in life and wanted to overcome their obstacles to find emotional freedom. . 

I researched how to take my training online and via my YouTube Channel spoke to women all over the world to find out what they wanted, and needed, but wasn't available.

I then designed the most effective and accessible programmes on the market. 

They say “What’s meant to be doesn’t miss you” and I truly believe that your life is mapped out for a reason and that the people you have met, the skills you have acquired and everyday life experience, will resurface at some stage as something we call a coincidence. 

My life is now where it is meant to be. 

I am now able to share my life experiences, knowledge, and transferable skills to a wider audience, giving women, just like you, the ability to overcome obstacles and find the mental toughness to do what makes you happy.

Hi, I'm Sue Blackhurst and I have been writing and delivering psychology based training programs for over 24 years.

I have helped hundreds of women around the world to find new jobs, new relationships and achieve their dreams, by seeking out every opportunity, believing they have the ability to succeed, and creating the mental mindset so they never give up.

I help you turn FEAR into FREEDOM


Don't Just Take My Word For It ...

"I loved the fact I could go at my own pace. Each daily guide gave me something new and the 'to do task' at the end of each section showed me how to change my thinking and do something different. I feel a lot more able to face the things in my life that would normally cause me so much stress. I am happier and my family are happier too. 
Sally Vincent (London)
"OMG I loved this, you have literally saved my life! These daily challenges have totally changed the way I see things and I have a structure in my mind, and feel that very little phases me.  It's not just 20 days, it's a whole new outlook on my life. Affirmations are really cool too, I took screenshots and keep them on my phone to read in the day. Thank you so much."

Paula Robberts (Manchester)
"The daily affirmations have helped me to start each day feeling ready to do anything. I used to wake up feeling very low, so it's helped to remind myself that I am good enough.  I liked how each day was split up and it wasn't too big or overpowering, it never felt too much. I did 1 lesson every week and made the changes before the next lesson, but you could go faster if you wanted to. Thank you for making a difference.

Erika James (London)

Imagine What Your Life Could Be Like ... 

  • Imagine being able to sleep soundly without the anxiety of problems and challenges racing round your head.
  • Picture yourself Living your life with a clear mind to concentrate on what you want to do rather than what you have to do.  
  • Look forward to enjoying free time just for you, or with family and friends as you finally feel mentally free from the obstacles blocking your way forward.
  • ​Wake up every morning and look forward to the day.
the solution is here!!!
Are you in a rut and feel that the world is against you?
The solution is here ...

Introducing... "20 day step by step Programme to Overcoming Obstacles
and Build Mental Strength"

this is what you get ...
20 Day program#1
2o days lessons to give you the knowledge and skills required to adapt your thinking and make changes, and a final "What you need to do today' task to make sure the learning becomes part of your life. 

Set aside anything from 15 minutes to an hour per day to gain understanding, then implement the learning into your daily routine until it becomes a new habit.

These are YOUR 20 days, there is no race or timeframe to complete them. Move on to the next day when you are ready for the nest stage.
This eBook will teach you self compassion and how to be kind to yourself when you suffer, fail, or feel inadequate, and are key for your mental health and well- being, keeping depression and anxiety at bay.
Guide to happiness through self CARE #3
What a difference it would make if you spent time looking after yourself. If you surrounded yourself with friends who loved you, if you gave yourself a break every now and then, and if you told yourself you where doing great.

In this eBook, you will see that this requires a two-pronged assault. You will change your thinking and the way you consider your value and begin to change  the way you look after yourself. 

You also get a self-care checklist.


Bonus #1
Wake up every day to a new affirmation and remind yourself of your greatness and value. Be kind to yourself and  stop criticising your actions when you suffer, fail, or feel inadequate. These positive affirmations will  look after your mental health and well-being, and keep depression at bay.
Self Sabotaging Behaviours

Bonus #2
Are you "Your  own worst enemy"? 
 Are you preventing yourself from reaching your goals and dreams,  Use this guide to stop putting yourself through this destructive cycle and gain control of your destructive thoughts.

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